Festival de Cine de Pueblos Indígenas, escenario de unidad e integración.

Los pueblos indígenas desde las raíces, ancestralmente, hemos comunicado espiritualmente; hoy tenemos medios apropiados que sirven para complementar esa comunicación tradicional y debemos usar las herramientas tecnológicas de la modernidad como radio, prensa, internet y los audiovisuales como medios de expresión y unidad… Esta XI versión de este gran Festival debe ser símbolo de unidad […]

Gesture, Archive, Repertoire: The Circulation of South Asian Embodied Histories»

Gesture, Archive, Repertoire: The Circulation of South Asian Embodied Histories» Publicado el 20/04/2010 por VanderbiltUniversity Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dhTrLpt13U Ananya Jahanara Kabir, University of Leeds, speaking at Vanderbilt University on history, art, film and modernity in post-colonial South Asia, April 6, 2010. What is embodied history and what can it tell us that other forms of historical […]

Early electronic music machine uncovered

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online/9671950.stm Imagine unearthing a piece of tech history that changed music forever. Nearly half a century after its invention, the Oramics machine – one of the most significant devices in the history of electronic music – has taken centre stage at the Science Museum for the first time. LJ Rich explains the invention of Daphne […]

Life and Letters

LIFE AND LETTERS by Roger Angell JANUARY 2, 2012 by Roger Angell JANUARY 2, 2012 COMMENT LIFE AND LETTERS Christmas has flown, and mail at home this week will produce shiny bargain-sale notices, some bills and invitations, an early thank-you note for a gift, and a late Christmas card or two, but perhaps not an […]

AFECCAV Conference

  AFECCAV Conference (Association Française des Enseignants et Chercheurs en Cinéma et Audiovisuel) ( French Association of Teachers and Researchers in Cinema and Television) http://www.afeccav.org University of Paris-Est-Marne-La-Vallée, 9 – 11 July 2012 http://www.univ-mlv.fr Scientific Committee : Martin Barnier, Philippe Bourdier, Thierry Bozon, Marie-France Chambat, Jean-Michel Durafour, David Faroult, Kira Kitsopanidou, Fabien Lelarge, Giusy Pisano, Geneviève […]